1. Peter Simpson

    B4A Library Android powered Honeywell N660x 1D/2D barcode laser scanner module

    Hello All, Here is a library that I wrapped for Android 1D/2D laser barcode scanners that uses the Honeywell N660x hardware scanning module. Obviously you don't need a library to use a Android 1D/2D hardware laser barcode scanner. To receive barcode data, you can use an Intent via a Receiver...
  2. Oscarin

    Android Question ZXingLib by icefairy333 - modified by Johan Schoeman and B4xPages - Can't make it work

    My problem is that I am trying to use the library ZXingLib (1.06) with B4xPages, I have a main page (log in), a second page, where the user will scan the code, I put the code from the sample code on the second page but when I press the button to scan (a button that I created) but it just quits...
  3. M

    Android Question Not solved [B4XPages] Barcode/QrCode scanner not detecting

    Hi everyone, i developed an app that uses the barcode/qrcode reader. i wanted to use b4xpages for the first time from the beggining of the project by following this example: Now i finished everything. On my...
  4. M

    Android Question KingsMentor Barcode QrCode Scanner - Not Working

    Hi everyone, i'm trying to find a GOOD and simple barcode scanner, similar to the one we have on iOS. I found this library from @Johan Schoeman that seems to do the job, since i've to scan code39 and qrcode. I don't know why... but in this period i'm struggling with Android. The library gives me...
  5. M

    iOS Question Document Scanner

    Hi, I was wondering if there is a way to implement a document scanner in iOS with the camera. Something like Office Lens app Thanks!!
  6. amidgeha

    Share My Creation OBD2 Fault Codes Explanation

    When you put a scanner on your car, see for yourself what the error code is and this app will explain it all for you such as cause, symptoms and much more. Don't let them fool you. Download Link
  7. jarinashameem

    Android Question Barcode Scanner Connected via OTG Cable

    Hi, I have a issue when i connect the External Barcode scanner via OTG Cable, where my App gets close or re-initialised. I kind request your help