screen capture

  1. carlos7000

    Android Question How do I make a service run at the moment I want while I run another application in the foreground?

    I'm trying to make an application that remains running in the background, ready to take a screenshot. But I don't know how to make it take the screenshot at the moment I need it. On my Motorola, I just have to put 3 fingers on the screen to take a screenshot, but I can't do that on my tv box...
  2. sfsameer

    iOS Code Snippet In-App Screen Capture - ReplayKit

    Hello everyone :) The below code is used to record the In-App screen, the usage of this code is really wide because you could use it for video chatting app or in-app video recording or just a simple screen shot Dependencies : 1- ReplayKit 2- UIKit 3- CoreImage Code : 1- Inline Objective C...
  3. sfsameer

    Share My Creation Teamviewer Alternative : IOS Source Code

    Hello everyone :) **Without forgetting to thank @Erel for making this possible :) As you may know we have successfully created the Teamviewer Alternative Project after 30 days of hard work and sleepless nights. So we thought we not take it to the next level? Today we would like to announce that...
  4. PhilN

    Android Question [SOLVED] Apply red tint across entire compass app layout to create red cockpit night light effect

    I'm wanting to create a red cockpit night light effect as in the image below which I did in Corel Draw. Since my compass app GUI has a lot of elements, I thought it best to try and let android draw the layout, then I need to capture the composited bitmap somehow, then apply a tint to it, then...