screen ratio

  1. jroriz

    B4J Question [solved] Screen coordinates no working properly

    Hi. I'm trying to use AWTRobot's mousemove. Not working properly. The mouse does not go to the coordinates correctly. So I tried a simple example, positioning a form. It's also not working. Works properly on windows 7. What could be happening? The code below positions the form incorrectly, as...
  2. Scotter

    Android Question How to set up basic app screen that scales?

    I got into B4A over 2.5 years ago. Built a very simple app. Didn't use B4A for over 2 years. Forgot much of the little I'd learned. Never learned how to set up a screen so it would scale well to all Android devices. It didn't seem easy. I don't expect easy, ha! But, I will admit I'd like it to...