1. mcqueccu

    Wish Get Screenshot from hosted builder or iOS emulator tool for PC

    Background: I finished developing my first B4I app with my testing device of iPhone 5s, I then used the screenshot resizer tool to generate other screenshot sizes for my app and uploaded to the app store. I got Metadata rejected because the images on larger screens look stretched in width...
  2. A

    Android Question Create image from panel

    Hello, Does anybody know if there is a way to create and save an image that contains a screenshot of a panel (with all the B4Xview inside)? Thanks in advance
  3. B

    Android Question snapshot to camera and UI

    Hi... I used opencv lib in one of my project to open camera and tracking a face. and added some ui (label, button) above the camera's panel. I wanna make a screenshot to the camera and the UI together I tried : Sub TakeScreenshot Dim jo As JavaObject jo.InitializeContext Dim decor As...
  4. R

    Android Question Selfie library

    Trying to make a screenshot of my app and tried the Selfie library: Used the exact code as in the above thread and I get no errors, but I can't find any produced image file. Tried various other...