1. M

    B4J Question Webview problem

    If I try to load the simple attached map.html file into a B4J webview this doesn't work. With any browser, yes. The html file contains an OpenStreetMap map with scripts. Can anyone help me? Thanks in advance. My Code Sub Process_Globals Private fx As JFX Private MainForm As Form...
  2. WizardOz

    Android Question Visual Designer

    I have been working inside the Visual Designer for some days now, and I have a straightforward question that I hope to get answered. Is there a way to remove the seethrough panel with the text "Script mode (read only)"? I know the panel goes away when youre not in scriptmode, but as I use...
  3. amorosik

    Italian Come 'settare' smartphone Android tutti allo stesso modo?

    Supponiamo di avere 10 smartphone, stessa marca stesso modello Stessa versione di Android caricata Ma uno ha il bloccaschermo attivo, l'altro ha il tema scuro-piu-scuro, un'altro ha 10 app installate al posto delle 9 che hanno gli altri Bene, la domanda e': come fare per automatizzare il...

    Android Question Code Includes

    Hello, Please, a little question at 1/2 cent : Is there an way to include some vb script modules like in .asp pages " <! - # include ...--> " (vbscript in active server pages) which include in one place, a piece of code as is Regards Michel
  5. K

    Android Question Execute b4a Script

    Can I do like this? In b4a : executescript("for i = 0 to 10" & crlf & "Log(i)" & crlf & "endfor") and then my script execute and show log