1. D

    iOS Question ScrollToItem when use PreoptimizedCLV

    Hi, How to ScrollToItem when use PreoptimizedCLV?? When I remove PreoptimizedCLV and use this code, it works perfect. CLV.ScrollToItem(pos1) But, it not works when use PreoptimizedCLV. I also use this code. ' PreoptimizedCLV completed sleep(1000) CLV.ScrollToItem(pos1) But not work.
  2. M

    Bug? xCustomListView ScrollToItem not working

    Hi, i'm trying to use the scrolltoitem function but when i call it, it doesn't show the last item totally. See how the last message isn't displayed totally
  3. Rubsanpe

    Bug? [SOLVED is not a bug] CustomListView's ScrollToItem function not working for me

    Hi, I'm trying to use CustomListView's ScrollToItem function to move the contents of the list to a new position. It is not working in the latest version of the CustomListView library. I have tested it in the example of the forum that uses the class instead of the library and in that case it...