serial library

  1. walterf25

    B4J Question COM Port (Serial) Proper Way to Close and Re-Open

    Hi Everyone, I am using the Jserial library to communicate with a device, this device enumerates 3 different COM Ports but only one can be open to communicate with the device, the other two are for debugging purposes, so far everything works as expected, however I had the need to come up with a...
  2. MList

    B4J Question Receiving Data in Background

    Hi All, I have an B4X Project, which is receiving Data via Serial Lib and AsyncStreams. The data are measuring value which come continiusly (200kHz) approx. 15 values every second. The incoming data is very difficult to handle and i have problems with handling the gui. How can I manage to put...
  3. V

    Android Question UnsatisfiedLinkError: Serial lib mismatch with OpenCV3

    Hello, i have a big issue and i don't know how to deal with UnsatisfiedLinkError exception. I'm using my own library wrapped from FriendlyThings API for communicate with serial - PWM - I2C - GPIO for NanoPC T2 When i call some methods from this library it will mismatch with OpenCV3 library...
  4. rafaelcamara

    Android Question Serial library 1.30+

    Hi onde encontro a "Serial library 1.30+?