1. santook

    Android Question How to create a dynamic array

    When using the ServerSocket object and receiving the NewSocket object in NewConnection, I need a dynamically increasing or decreasing list to manage these clients. How can I achieve this? In addition, how to get the remote IP and port of this client?
  2. Lakhtin_V

    Android Question Problems connecting to the WEB server MySQL

    Previously time, everything worked fine, I did not make any changes regarding the connection to the WEB server. On my Xiaomi MUI13 smartphone, the version is SDK 31. The smartphone updated could this be the cause of the failure? ** Activity (setup) Resume ** java.lang.RuntimeException...
  3. bahram1992

    Android Question Problem in Recieve Data from Bluetooth ESP32 in B4A

    Hi, im using a ESP32 Bluetooth to send a number. i use bluetooth serial in esp32 arduino to send number. I can received this number in serial bluetooth terminal app in my phone. I need just receive and show this number in android phone. Time between send number is minimum 2 seconds but its...
  4. A

    B4J Question ServerSocket and Multi Client Problem

    Hi I create a ServerSocket and connect with two client to server I can send messages from clients to server, but i can't find who is sending the message and can't answer to client! is there any way that astreams_NewData event show sender socket object?
  5. A

    B4J Question serversocket.Listen help --port busy--

    Dear friends, I'm looking for your help for package sniffing on the same port of Internet Explorer, When I use standard routine serverSocket.Listen throws with "port busy", is there a way to capture data packages flowing to the tcp port of browser(like 51089) ?