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  1. B

    Android Question Stable service

    I want to write a chat program without using Firebase (because I like being independent and I also want to improve my programming skills by doing so) So this program should work in the background and receive messages from others and create a notification. I know this is very easy with Firebase...
  2. K

    Android Question Auto start up of an android Service

    Hi, I have a service which has the below set to true. If run the service as the owner of the device it runs fine etc and even if I reboot the device service startups and when I put the device to sleep it works. The problem is that if log in as a user the service doesn't start up...
  3. Abdou1283

    Android Question play music without stopping

    Hi, I am working on developing an application to listen to the radio and I do not want to stop the music after I leave the application permanently only when terminated by the user using the notification, for that reason i create a service to play music, but when i swipe the app from the recent...
  4. Gktech

    Android Question service stopping app execution

    I have an app with a service in backgroud, when it closes the app after some time does not return open because the initial service first and some kind of conflict and it gets append a black screen in the app. I am using the command: StartServiceAt("", DateTime.Now + 20 * 1000, True) to schedule...