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  1. A

    Android Question How to determine in the service module that the phone is switched off?

    Hello! I am creating an application that runs in the background. I need to determine in the service module: is the phone turned on at the moment? Of course, I can determine, with PhoneEvents, when the phone turns on - the ScreenOn event, or when it turns off - the ScreenOff event. And thus...
  2. Cebuvi

    Android Question Show notoficacion programmed to several hours

    Hello, I am working on an app that submits notifications several hours apart by a fixed or variable interval. For example, 10:00, 11:00 and 12:00. After researching the forum I get it to work using a service in background and StartServiceAtExact but I have the following problems if the...
  3. carlos7000

    Android Question Execute a service every 'n' seconds [Solved]

    I want to create a service that runs every 'n' seconds. Before it was as simple as Private Sub Service_Start (StartingIntent As Intent) ToastMessageShow ("RUNNING...", False) StartServiceAt(Me, DateTime.Now + 60 * 1000, True) End Sub The code works, worse in the Log, it always appears...
  4. carlos7000

    Spanish Ejecutar un servicio de forma intermitente [solucionado]

    Hola a todos. Deseo crear un servicio que cada 'n' segundos se conecte con un servidor y solicite información para saber si hay pedidos. Ya leí los tutoriales de estos links: Intent Filters - Intercepting SMS messages in the background...
  5. carlos7000

    Spanish Correr otras aplicaciones (Solucionado)

    Hola a todos. Estoy tratando de ejecutar una aplicacion cada cierto tiempo. Desafortanadamente no sé que hice el código fuente de dicha aplicación, lo que me impide agregarle un 'servicio'. Por lo que he creado un servicio, para llamar a dicha aplicacion cada 5 minutos. El código que estoy...
  6. D

    Android Question Background service alarm

    I have B4A app to record, amongst other things, my insulin injections. I have a separate service based alarm type app. I want this app to alarm at my specified time if I haven't done an injection, but not alarm if I have. My simplistic approach would be to change a value in a text file & read...