1. MegatenFreak

    Android Question Play azan (call to prayer) daily at specific times: can't get it to work

    Hey guys. As the title says, I wanna build an app that does one simple thing: I'll give it the prayer timetable with specific times of the day, and it will play the azan audio during those exact minutes. I've dug everywhere in the forums and tried all the following without success: * Using...
  2. M

    iOS Question [B4X] BLE refresh available Services and Characteristics - Missing Feature?

    Hi everyone, I noticed an important missing feature in the BLE library. It seems to not be possibile to refresh the ServiceList, given the fact that the only place where you can get it is in the "Connected" event.... I'have a BLE Device that exposes a Service only after you complete a...
  3. james_sgp

    Android Question Callsub2 from a service with B4xpages

    Hi, i`m stuck on figuring out how to call a Sub on my B4xmainpage from a running service (i`m running FCM)? Any advice would be appreciated... Thanks, James
  4. red30

    iOS Question Lack of services in ios

    I wrote an application for Android and used services there for compressing photos and uploading photos to the server. Compressing a photo seems like a long enough time, especially if it is 100 photos, so I implemented it in the service so that at this moment the user can minimize the application...
  5. M

    iOS Question Open Localization Services Setting programmatically

    Hi everyone, how can I open the localization services settings page? or better, open directly the section relevant to one of that apps? it is possibile? I already tried out this: App.OpenURL("app-settings:") But will open only the main page of the settings app Thanks in advance
  6. vfafou

    Android Question [B4XPages] B4XPages questions

    Hello! I have written a taxi calling app with custom web socket push framework. The app has a starter service for global objects declaration and a pushservice service for handling the communication between server and mobile device. The pushservice also handles the Location and GPS...
  7. A

    Android Question Activity recognition stops working when closing the app

    Hi there! I tried to build a sample app that notifies (using nb6) when the current user physical activity changes (using physical-activity-recognition-detection library). It worked, but after closing the app with the user's 'task manager' (where you 'swipe' apps to stop them), I stopped...
  8. LucaMs

    Android Question How to get services infos

    From Stackoverflow: You can enumerate all packages and retrieve their services: List<PackageInfo> pkgs = getPackageManager().getInstalledPackages(PackageManager.GET_SERVICES); for(PackageInfo pkg : pkgs) { // You can now use } How to do it with b4a?
  9. L

    Android Question Advice about Services

    Hi All, I have looked at the forums regarding services but I am a little confused, especially with the changes with Android 8. What I am trying to accomplish to create a service that runs in the background (and has to start on boot) and scans for BLE beacons every 5 minutes. I am happy with...
  10. walterf25

    Android Question Services (Can't keep it alive)

    Hello all, i've been noticing this problem for a very long time, i have read all the threads that talk about Services, I stopped working on an app almost a year ago because i could not figure out why my Services were being killed and not re-started. Basically i was working on an Email Client...
  11. A

    Android Question How to rediscover services with BLE2 library

    Hi to everybody, I'm developing an android application that communicate with my own hardware board. I'm using the latest version of B4A and BLE2 library. The app have to connect to the board, which is configured with its GATT. Then it sends a reboot command to the board, which restarts with...