1. amorosik

    Android Question SetServiceAttribute - what exactly is the third parameter ?

    On post Gps Background Tracking appear a line to insert in manifest file SetServiceAttribute(Tracker, android:foregroundServiceType, "location") 'Tracker' is a service module name 'android:foregroundServiceType' is a service type required But what is exactly "location" ?
  2. H

    SetServiceAttribute如何确定参数?How do SetServiceAttribute determine parameters?

    我在关于服务的教程 中看到android10 +系统中的补充要求的解决方法: 内容中提到了要使用SetServiceAttribute解决问题,但是我不知道它的参数该如何给. 如图,后面的2个参数我无法确定.我搜遍了整个论坛也没有找到相关说明.请问有什么渠道能了解呢? =================================================== I saw a solution to the additional requirements in the android10 + system in the tutorial on services...