1. Mashiane

    B4J Library [BANano] BANanoHash - Hashes & bCrypt Encryption

    Ola These libs are for encryption Download Things to note... DO NOT USE MD5, SHA1 for your secure applications e.g. ditigal signatures YOU CAN USE SHA-2 i.e. SHA256, SHA512 ANY HASH IS CRACKABLE, (EASIER FOR MD5 and SHA1) AND MORE HARDER IF IT HAS A "SALT" THE MOST ADVANCED ENCRYPTION IS...
  2. C

    Italian Da PHP a B4J

    Devo utilizzare delle API ma qualcosa non funziona. Come tradurreste questo esempio PHP in B4J: <? $apiKey="a869b1547c56c5ce37ee9acfd92de8b8c8ca7df6"; $apiSecret="732a65b7abed7991d7229188d7b97a8c54d3149f"; $url=""; $nonce=microtime(true)*10000...