shared modules

  1. LucaMs

    Android Question B4XPages - shared project modules

    I posted a simple B4XPages example for an our friend. From within the environment I also created a second B4XPage, by ticking the CheckBox: "Add to parent folder". All is ok, the class is creted and saved at the same directory level as the B4XMainPage. In the project I also imported (checked) a...
  2. peacemaker

    Android Code Snippet Super-others: my 42 common usage subs

    Common subs are usually placed into a code module. I decided to check all my projects that have "others.bas" code module, and i have found... 185 unique files. And much more common subs, but 42 pcs of them can be useful for community. Mostly the names are self-explaning, most are from the forum.
  3. W

    Wish [B4X] Conditional compilation depending on whether or not a library was added to the project

    In my shared modules I'd like to be able to have subs that can sit there and only be considered by the compiler if a given library was added to the project. I'm aware of Build Configurations, but these would require setting them up manually on a project by project basis. Example: #IfLibrary...
  4. Widget

    Wish "Export as Zip" does not put files from "Shared Modules" in a separate directory

    When I execute File > Export As Zip, it will create a zip file of the project folder and the Shared Modules folder, which is fine. But B4A adds all of the files from my Shared Modules folder to the project directory in the zip file instead of creating a separate folder for these files. If I...