1. Mrphone

    Android Question Show screen updates

    Hi I want to create a program that does something every time the screen is updated Like Show screen updates in Developer options 👇 👇👇 Thanks in advance for answering😘
  2. M

    iOS Question iTableView permanent selection

    Hi i'm learning how to use the tableview in the best way. I'm trying to do a settings page like the ios one, with elements that opens other pages. Sub Process_Globals Public App As Application Public NavControl As NavigationController Private Page1 As Page Private Panel1 As...
  3. M

    iOS Question LargeTitle iOS 13 not display immediatly

    Hi! I'm using LargeDisplay in iOS13, but when the page display appears the title shows in standard mode, then if I scroll the tablview the title became large. How can i display it immediatly large? Code used: Sub navigationBarApperance(Controller As NativeObject, Page As Page, LargeTitle As...