simple library compiler

  1. M

    Java Question Simple Library Compiler can't find AndroidX packages

    Hello, I'm trying to wrap a library, but when I try to compile it with Simple Library Compiler it says that it cant find the AndroidX packages that the library uses. However when I add let's say for example the androidx-core classes.jar to the libs folder it proceeds to the next package. The...
  2. Azam Memon

    Android Question SLC BADoclet Error

    Hi, I am trying to convert facebook-sdk-wrapper to B4A library using Simple Library Compiler but getting error: Starting step: Compiling Java code. Completed successfully. Starting step: Creating jar file. Completed successfully. Starting step: Creating XML file. java.lang.NullPointerException...
  3. Edson Freire

    Java Question SLC: "package ... does not exist"

    Hello, I trying to compile a library with SLC but I got this error and these files actually exists. Can anyone help me?