simple media manager

  1. DarkWolfalpha

    Android Question SMM Background Color Transparent

    I Use SMM (SimpleMediaManager) But This Problem: Before Download And Show Image This Problem Happened!!!! (After Load is Fine) This Cods Not Work For Problem: SMM.DefaultFadeAnimationDuration = 0 SMM.DefaultBackgroundColor = Colors.Transparent SMM.AddLocalMedia(SMM.KEY_DEFAULT_ERROR...
  2. P

    Android Question Simple Media Manager how to read a stream image

    i have this statement to read images from flies to local disk. MediaManager.SetMediaFromFile(xB,"c:\icone\",nomefile,"image/png", Null) I would like to read images from a stream coming from a blob image of an mssql db that I read with this code Dim Buffer() As Byte 'declare an empty byte...