1. Samara

    Android Question SMM - found a disconnected target!

    after this problem happen image is removed from view like this.. debug: found a disconnected target! ReturnViewToCache: URL
  2. Mark Read

    B4J Question [Solved] How to use the click event on SimpleMediaManager

    I am having trouble with the click event when using the example 2 from Erel (here). I have only changed where the images are coming from but as in the example, each line contains 4 images and 4 labels. The click event fires as required but I need the label text. I know its probably simple but I...
  3. byz

    Wish add event for SimpleMediaManager

    hi,Erel: i wish add the events of VideoEnd for SimpleMediaManager. so, we can do something when video play end.
  4. DarkWolfalpha

    Android Question [B4X] SimpleMediaManager (SMM) - DefaultResizeMode

    Hi! when i log this in SMM: MediaManager.DefaultResizeMode The result==> FIT I wan change resizmode default how i can do?