1. amorosik

    Android Question Sip library - is usable with Asterisk ?

    With SIP library, is possible to connect with standard ip pbx like Asterisk / 3cx ?
  2. L

    Java Question Are there newer libreries to manage sip calls?

    Are there newer libreries in b4a to manage sip calls? The last library I see is the v1 It not works always in our installations and I was wondering if it can be a library support problem. Do you know if it's changed...
  3. sfsameer

    VoIP SIP (Voice Calls) System : Source Code

    Hello everyone :) First of all and as always we start by thanking the great @Erel for making this possible for us :) We made a post asking the lovely B4X Family about what to create next, a VPN or VoIP and most of the votes went to VoIP, so here we are :) Today we would like to announce that...
  4. Marcos Alves

    Android Question Bug in SIP Library?

    Hello, I'm trying to use the SIP B4A library and found some situations those looks to be serious issues. See: - When placing a call, if I try to cancel before it have been answered I got an error: CallError, ErrorCode=-4, ErrorMessage=Call/Transaction Does Not Exist (481) - During the ring...
  5. S

    Android Question Phonecalls over SIP(?) and Direct Wifi!

    I want to talk between two mobile phones (over SIP) out in the nowhere (where I cant use normal phone call) with bluetooth headset and Direct Wifi (hopefully over 100meters) between two or more phones! I cant understand why its so complicated! OK I don't need SIP but full duplex without click...