sleep mode

  1. Lakhtin_V

    Android Question Android 12-13 in sleep mode smartphone, disables microphone recording.

    I am developing a security application that listens to surrounding sounds. I start recording sound from a microphone as a service. On older versions of Android, everything works well, even when the smartphone is sleeping. But in the new version 12-13 Android, when the smartphone falls asleep...
  2. T

    Android Question Run Timer in sleep LCD or power buton switch.

    Hi, I need an advice. I have an application where there is a timer and after a while it communicates with the server and displays notifications on the screen. Problem: When I press the power button, the application jumps to "Activity_Pause" and the timer does not work. When the LCD screen...

    Android Question Sleep not resumed (context is paused)

    Hello guys, Basically the program is a never ending loop, moving squares on the canvas. I'm getting this message when pausing (switching apps) while my program is running. It also happens when the display turns off by inactivity. What should I do to resume my program after a pause? Regards...