smart string literal

  1. L

    B4J Question ExecNonQuery2 and Smart String Literals

    Hi all, I need to update records in a database with ExecNonQuery2. But the values in the array need to be enclosed in quotes. My query: sql.ExecNonQuery2("UPDATE parts SET PartID = ? WHERE PartID = ?",Array("'" & row(1) & "'", "'" & row(0) & "'")) '<-- this doesn't work The query should look...
  2. R

    Android Question string literals and single quotes

    Have a string variable (strObject, will be a table or a view) that needs to be enclosed in single quotes: strSQL = $"select ObjectType, ObjectName, ColumnName, Affinity, ColumnID from SysColumns where ObjectName = ${Chr(39) & strObject & Chr(39)} order by ColumnID asc"$ (In this particular...
  3. Dave O

    Android Code Snippet minor fix to GoogleDrive API for folder names with apostrophes

    I've been using the GoogleDrive API (created by @mw71 and updated by @fredo) to help my app back up files to Google Drive. Works well. However, I discovered that folder names with embedded apostrophes (e.g. Dave's Note 10) cause an error because the apostrophe is also used as a delimiter in the...
  4. M

    B4J Question Smart String Literal

    I run into a trouble with Smart String Literals and $Datetime The long number 1546127715000 is converted to 2019.12.30 07:55:15 But the long number 1572393316601 is converted to 2019.10.30 07:55:16 The first number is less than the second and results in a date in the future Why and where is my...