1. gezueb

    B4J Question how to use smb

    Hi, I want to copy a file with b4j from/to a NAS storage where user and password are required to access. I tried this little program from the tutorial: Sub Process_Globals Dim SMB1 As SMB End Sub Sub Globals End Sub Sub Activity_Create(FirstTime As Boolean) Log ("Hello") ' If...
  2. B

    Android Question jcifs-ng (SMB2) - Problem AdditionalJar

    I'm using jcifs-ng lib by @DonManfred for read a shared folder on my pc (WIN10) but i have 2 problems: 1. If the line "#AdditionalJar:bcprov-jdk15on-1.59.jar" is active, the compiler present an error: "Invalide character on the path"; if i comment that line the app can run (see attached images)...
  3. L

    Android Question SMB Problems

    Goodmorning everyone, In our Android application, several devices manage a file exchange on a shared Windows folder with the SMB class. Unfortunately, since the last Windows update 1803, our android apps no longer communicate with the shared folder. As always we tried to disable antivirus...
  4. L

    Italian Android - Condivisione cartella

    Buongiorno a tutti, Nel nostro applicativo Android diversi dispositivi gestiscono uno scambio file su una cartella condivisa Windows con tramite la classe SMB. Purtroppo dall'ultimo aggiornamento 1803 di Windows, le nostre app android non comunicano più con la cartella condivisa. Come sempre...
  5. R

    Android Question SMB (Samba) v2/v3 support ? (i.e is there a library for it ?)

    Hi I'm working on application which has a function to copy files from a Windows share to the android device. I am using the SMB library v1.1 found in these forums. In testing in a Windows 7 environment this works fine. i.e. a copying files from a Windows 7 share to the device works. On trying...