1. Samara

    Android Question SMM - found a disconnected target!

    after this problem happen image is removed from view like this.. debug: found a disconnected target! ReturnViewToCache: URL
  2. mzsoft

    Android Question animated webp not show with SMM

    hi. i used this example. MediaManager.SetMedia(pan, "") MediaManager.TrimMediaCache but this show in log and not show image. *** Add a reference to WebP library and add SMM_WEBP to the build configuration *** Unexpected mime...
  3. Samara

    Android Question SMM .Webp In CLV

    I use simple media manager in customlistview with ".webp" format everything good in loading but when scroll clv get lag so much with 100 image... #Region Shared Files #CustomBuildAction: folders ready, %WINDIR%\System32\Robocopy.exe,"..\..\Shared Files" "..\Files" 'Ctrl + click to sync files...
  4. DarkWolfalpha

    Android Question SMM Background Color Transparent

    I Use SMM (SimpleMediaManager) But This Problem: Before Download And Show Image This Problem Happened!!!! (After Load is Fine) This Cods Not Work For Problem: SMM.DefaultFadeAnimationDuration = 0 SMM.DefaultBackgroundColor = Colors.Transparent SMM.AddLocalMedia(SMM.KEY_DEFAULT_ERROR...
  5. DarkWolfalpha

    Android Question [B4X] SimpleMediaManager (SMM) - Unexpected mime

    When I Use SMM This Error Why happened?