1. mcqueccu

    iOS Question How to test SMTP Connection without sending email

    I have this application I am working on, in which users have to use their own SMTP server details to send emails. The problem I am encountering is whiles some servers are working with TLS, some don't and rather work with SSL. My question is, 1. Is there a way to test the connection first by...
  2. A

    iOS Question SMTP doesn't send emails

    Hi all. I have a code that used to work about 5 days ago before I updated my phone to iOS 15,6 Here is a code Private Sub SendEmail(ErrorStr As String) Try Dim mail As SMTP Dim Email As String="[email protected]" Dim Port As Int=587 mail.DebugLogs =...
  3. P

    B4J Question message has lines too long for transport - smtp email

    Good day Message delivery fails with the error message - message has lines too long for transport Usually this happens when a line goes over 1000 characters, as that’s the RFC required limit. So, i added CRLF after all my HTML tags. Then, I figured the problem is with esmtp.Body =...
  4. MarrowZero

    B4J Question Using SMTP

    Hello, I'm attempting to build an app to test if SMTP details are working. I'm troubleshooting a client problem where sending to is either taking more than 20 seconds or failing with some message. My plan here is a build a small app that can send 1 msg per minute and log...
  5. A

    B4J Question SMTP error: 503 5.5.2 Need mail command.

    Hi. We are using SMTP to send a mail from an SMTP server which isn’t public. We do have access to this SMTP through some firewall rules. I’ve a simple test application written in c# that successfully sends an email through the described configuration. The code in c# is almost identical to the...
  6. mcqueccu

    iOS Question SMTP not sending email

    I am having problem sending email with SMTP. Same code and Credentials work well in B4A and B4J but B4i is giving the error below started false <B4IExceptionWrapper: Error Domain=SKPSMTPMessageError Code=-3 "Unable to connect to the server." UserInfo={NSLocalizedDescription=Unable to connect to...
  7. rleiman

    Android Question Net Library - Using SMTP to send an email message.

    Greetings, I'm experimenting with the Net library in an attempt to send an email message using SMTP with gmail as the email server. The message is not being sent. My logs show a "False" coming from the "Success" event. No errors are reported from the Try / Catch statement in the coding...
  8. cklester

    B4J Question [RESOLVED] Sending Email via SMTP--Where are the docs?

    Where are the docs for sending email with SMTP using the jNet library? It looks like there's some instruction in the jNet.xml file, but it seems I'm supposed to be able to conveniently read that somewhere other than Notepad.
  9. L

    Android Question Send mail using SMTPClient from Net library

    Hello. I´m trying to implement a code to provide to users of my APP send my a mail to suggest modifications or errors. My actual code, using Net library, and testing the mail send with my Gmail account, works properly, but Google lock each attempt to send a mail, because it don´t identifies...
  10. S

    Android Question How do I load the library that supports SMTP?

    Hi I downloaded the latest B4A and would like to use SMTP in my app but I cannot find any library for SMTP. I enabled the Network (Version 1.51) hoping it might contain SMTP but I cannot find any such library. Can someone tell me where to find the SMTP and FTP libraries? Thanks, Simon
  11. peacemaker

    Android Code Snippet Sending email via SMTP with "POP before SMTP"

    Hi, All The emailing (via SMTP) trouble is solved: to avoid server auth error before using SMTP server we have to check email, say by POP3. This class is tested during 3 days on popular app with around 70-80 emails from an app to the chosen GMAIL box to self. No sending errors now. Before there...