1. SJQ

    Android Question RTSPVideoPlayer Library (Play RTSP easily) Still Image

    I’ve been trying out the RTSPVideoPlayer Library (Play RTSP easily by Biswagit and posted in this forum by darabon) and it seems work for my needs. With some modification of the URL I have it working with a couple of IP camera models that supports RTSP, the Sricam SP009 and the S3vc Bullet...
  2. P

    Android Question Sliding Drawer unresponsive after a screen snapshot with B4XView?

    My App uses the sliding drawer as per AppCompat and a Screen snapshot - all works exactly as expected with the sliding drawer, until I do a PrtSc (activity snapshot). The items on the sliding drawer then fail to respond for a period - I cant decide if it is for a time (propbably not) or until I...
  3. R

    B4J Question Canvas Snapshot Size Limit

    When using Canvas methods Snapshot or Snapshot2 to convert the contents of a Canvas to an Image, it throws the following exception when the size of the Canvas is too large. Does anyone know how I can determine what is the maximum WIDTH * HEIGHT, and how this upper limit can be changed? Thanks...