1. omarruben

    web to host snippets

    Hello everybody , just want to share , fast search and share code open to contributors and searchers, still under development ... little by little:
  2. LucaMs

    Share My Creation [B4X] [TOOL][SOURCE] lm Snippets Manager

    I definitely want to speed up the development of my softwares; I decided to develop a very useful snippets manager. Although the main purpose is to have all your snippets at your fingertips, saved in a local db, cataloged and easy to find, I have also added the possibility of inserting those...
  3. Peter Simpson

    Wish [B4X] More automatic code snippets

    Hello Anywhere Software, It would be really nice to have either more automatic code snippets built into the IDE, or maybe even user configurable code snippets for more commonly used Object.Method. For example in C# if I type cw > Tab, after I hit the Tab key the cw will automatically turn int...