1. SJQ

    Android Question Receiving UDP Broadcast Packets when phone suspended.

    Building on the ‘Background Location Tracking’ example. I am trying to do something similar with UDP Sockets. I need to receive UDP broadcast packets from several Huzzah32-ESP32 with an array of connected sensors every few seconds or so, log this data in a database and if specific trigger...
  2. Gustavo Holtermann

    Spanish SOLUCIONADO: Cliente Socket solo se conecta en modo DEBUG

    Hola. Conecto mi aplicación Android por medio de un socket la cual funciona perfectamente en modo Debug pero al ejecutarla en modo Release no logra conectarse, al usar este ultimo modo el la aplicación de Windows se genera un Socket.Close mientras que en debug no ocurre, ya probé de todo pero...
  3. walterf25

    B4J Question MQTT accessed from outside

    Hi All, i'm working on a project which requires a device to send data over to a PC. I came across the MQTT library and I thought I would give it a try, i'm really amazed at how simple it is to set this up, whether running the MQTT Broker on a local P.C. or using one of the cloud host servers...
  4. igpf

    Android Question b4a sockets and asyncstreams

    Hi Guys, So i'm basically trying to make a connection to an "external" ip/server. The second, i connect I get a "AStreams_Terminated" Sub Process_Globals Dim Socket1 As Socket Dim AStreams As AsyncStreams End Sub Sub Activity_Create(FirstTime As Boolean)...