1. drgottjr

    Share My Creation Talk To The Hand (The Final Frontier)

    So, here is Mi Dica III To review: Mi Dica was a half-duplex voice translation app using Google's Speech Service, MLKit's on-device translation and Android's TTS engine. I speak in my language, what I say is translated into and spoken in your language. Flip a switch; you speak in your language...
  2. D

    Android Question I try SpeechRecognitionNoUI as Service

    Hello! a greeting to the whole community! First of all, I am not a native speaker. I hope I can make myself understood. I am needing to use SpeechRecognitionNoUI as a service so that I recognize words with the screen off. I am new to android and b4a so there are some concepts I still need to...
  3. A

    Android Question voice recognition "wake word"

    Hello, does anybody know what do I need to use for my app to do something if I am saying something(on long duration of silence), without touching or pressing anything on my app? I tried using voice recognition in a loop, but when the voice recognition dialog has no match (for example in a case...
  4. R

    iOS Question Problem with B4i speechrecogniton and TTS

    Today i tried to use a combination of both technologies; when i first started the app, TTS was working. When i used speechrecognition, all further TTS outputs were surpressed, but i didnt get any error. My speaker was also not muted, other apps worked just fine. Any ideas?