1. carlos7000

    Android Question Problem saving data quickly in SqLite

    Hi all. I'm trying to save some of the data I get from the gps in a database. With the following code I have no problems. Query = "INSERT INTO `GpsData`(`Id`,`UnixTime`,`Lat`,`Lon`,`Speed`,`Bearing`) VALUES (NULL,'" & UnixTime & "','" & Lat & "','" & Lon & "','" & Speed & "','" & Bearing &...
  2. carlos7000

    Spanish Problema al guardar datos rápidamente en SqLite

    Hola a todos. Estoy tratando de guardar en un base de datos, algunos de los datos que obtengo del gps. Con el siguiente código no tengo problemas. Query = "INSERT INTO `GpsData`(`Id`,`UnixTime`,`Lat`,`Lon`,`Speed`,`Bearing`) VALUES (NULL,'" & UnixTime & "','" & Lat & "','" & Lon & "','" &...
  3. Syd Wright

    Android Question Where to find BitmapCreator Version 4.70 ?

    I recently found BitmapCreator version 4.30 (bitmapcreator.bas) here: https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/xui2d-bitmapcreator-drawing-methods.98148/#content Where can I maybe find the bas module for version 4.70? I don't (yet) have B4A version 8.8 or higher. Just to also report that I...
  4. carlos7000

    Android Question How to know the number of cores

    Hi. Simple as that. Is there any way of knowing how many cores a device has and the speed of them? Thanks
  5. sager

    Games how move object to another object position ?

    how move object to another object position ? and control with speed and direction
  6. MegatenFreak

    B4J Question Gradual increase in RAM usage (up to 1GB)??

    Hello. I have this strange issue with B4J. Early on when I'm working with it, the RAM usage is around 160MB, which is totally fine. But gradually that amount increases. After a short while to 250, then 300, etc. When I come back to continue my work after several hours, the usage goes above 500...