1. B

    Android Question Floating splash in b4a

    Hi, How do I make a floating splash? For example, when the user clicks on the program, first a square image view is displayed on the "Applications" page, then it becomes full screen. Let me give you an example, like b4a itself, when you open it, it first writes B4A in the middle of the page
  2. Kevin Hartin

    Android Question Best way to do a splash screen at app startup

    What is the best way to do a splash screen? Use a panel in main that goes invisible after a while or on click Create an activity that is called from main at end of Activity_Create Some other way My app is a OSMDroid tour app that the main layout is all built in Activity_Create rather than...
  3. peacemaker

    Android Question Splash screen on AppCompat activity with ACToolBar

    Hi, All Anyone tried to make a splash screen, if ACToolBar is used on AppCompat activity ? Toolbar is topmost :-( Test project for debug is attached. Any solution ?