1. R

    Android Question What is the fastest way to split this string?

    Moving data from a text file to SQLite database. If I have a line in the text file like for example this: 123, "John,", Smith Then what would be the fastest way to split this line in these 3 fields: 123 John, Smith As these files can be large, I need to process the file line by line, so I...
  2. LucaMs

    B4J Question Splitting an empty TextField.Text

    'TextField1.Text is empty - just loaded the layout. 'Logs zero. Log("TextField1.Text.Length = " & TextField1.Text.Length) Dim str() As String = Regex.Split(",", TextField1.Text) 'Logs 1 instead of zero. Log("str length = " & str.Length) EDIT: Dim str() As String =...
  3. M

    Android Question Equivalent of arraybuffer.slice(start, end) in B4X

    Hi everyone, i'm trying to porting some javascript (react) code into B4A, but the data.slice(from, to) function is used to create blocks of 512bytes from a larger file. What is the equivalent in B4X? Thanks in advance
  4. DALB

    Android Question Splitting coding window horizontally

    Hello, I'm asking a question I didn't see in the forum (or I've lost my glasses !) Is there a way to split the (tab) coding window horizontally ? why this question ? I generally code my views, so when I create a new one, I go on top to declare, then go on bottom to code many times an hour. So...