sql insert

  1. JonnyCav

    Android Question Value inserted to sqlite is wrong

    I'm inserting records into an sqlite database and every entry works fine EXCEPT to 'studentID' which always submits the last record id value that was in the resultset from my query. Private Sub Update_Attendance Activity.RemoveAllViews Activity.LoadLayout("AttendanceLayout")...
  2. JonnyCav

    Android Question ExecNonQuery2 Insert using (?)

    Hi. My first post so forgive me if you start yawning and getting angry telling me, "you should have searched this post.." I have searched 100s of threads and tried umpteen options but I'm still getting an error. I'm simply trying to INSERT into my sqlite DB (the code works fine when I commit...
  3. behnam_tr

    B4J Question [Solved] SQLite Autoincrement Problem

    hi guys, I have a database table that has a field called ID and the field is autoincrement. Suppose it has 5 records whose IDs are from 1 to 5 respectively Now I insert a record manually with ID 10 Next time when inserting a new record, it will automatically insert the number 11 I want to...
  4. Kiumbe

    Android Question Inserting Records into Mysql Table using ExecuteBatch

    Hello members, Am still new to B4A and on the learning curve. Am working on an app that will post several insert statements into MYSQL database at once when the user licks on post button. The inserts affects 3 tables, after some few searches i found an example of using ExecuteBatch to run batch...