sqlcipher 4

  1. Duque

    Android Question Migration SQLCiper V1.50 to V1.60

    Colleagues, I'm pretty worried, I should do this migration from SQLCiper V1.50 to V1.60, as we all know from the 64BIT binary. The problem is generated because the database created in V1.50 will not be compatible with V1.60, so as I do to pass that data to the new database when updating the app...
  2. R

    Android Question New SQLCipher 4 with Spatialite

    Just trying out the new SQLCipher 4, for now with an unencrypted database. SQLCipher 4 can connect to this database fine, but there is a problem with Spatialite. Spatialite connects to it's own (so a different database file) database, which is unaltered. Not sure now what the interaction is...