1. M

    Android Question SOLVED [B4X] Barcode Reader - Captured Images are stretched (Full screen)

    Hello I was changing the barcode reader I usually use. with this one Why the images are stretched? The image taken from Google Images (to have a reliable reference) its supposed to be a square, and actually looks like a rectangle thanks
  2. AKJammer

    B4J Question Credit Card Processing in B4J

    Hey All, Another question, sorry, I've got a lot of them. Basically what I'm trying to find is an interface where if I connected a credit card chip reader via USB I can process the card. Does anyone know if Paypal, Square, Venmo, etc have an API that would allow me to charge the credit...
  3. I

    iOS Question Square Mobile SDK (willing to Pay)

    Hi All I need someone to help wrap the Square SDK for iOS Anyone interested, please let me know Thanks iCAB