1. rleiman

    Android Question "#StartAtBoot: true" will not start at boot any more with the 1-Dec-2020 Android 10 update

    I noticed that starting from the 1-Dec-2020 Android 10 update, service modules that have "#StartAtBoot: true" will not start at boot any more. This was working on my phone when the 1-Nov-2020 Android 10 update was installed. People now are starting to complain my apps are not starting up when...
  2. rleiman

    Android Question [SOLVED] - B4XPages - Starting service module when phone reboots

    Greetings, I have this code to start a service module when the phone reboots but it doesn't start because my notification is not displayed on the app icon on the phone home screen. This was working in my original app before migrating it to B4APages. Is there any additional coding I need to add...