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  1. Samara

    Android Question Dark Theme And Light - Navigation & Status Bar Icon Or Text Color

    I have button and i want when user clikc this button can switch between: 1.Black Navigation & Status Bar Background With Light Icon Or Text Color. 2.Light Navigation & Status Bar Background With Black Icon Or Text Color. I found this Code: Dim jo As JavaObject jo.InitializeContext...
  2. TelKel81

    Android Question Status bar with immersive mode is hidden, but can't draw over its location

    Dim jo As JavaObject = Activity jo.RunMethod("setSystemUiVisibility", Array As Object(5894)) '--> status bar area becomes 100% black, non-visible jo = jo.RunMethod("getResources", Null) Dim ResourceID As Int = jo.RunMethod("getIdentifier", Array As Object("status_bar_height", "dimen"...
  3. M

    iOS Question Make the status bar transparent, to show the background image.

    Hi everyone, after a long period of no programming, I met again a problem that I never solved before. I want my ImageView Background continue under the status bar too. I Wish to make transparent the part that now is gray the picture. I tried to follow this post, without success. Is it possible...
  4. Z

    Android Question Disable Status Bar Expansion

    Hello, I'm new to B4A and I would like to know if anyone knows a way to disable the expansion of the status bar while maintaining it on top. Thank you. :)
  5. R

    Desabilitar Bara de Status/Barra so Sistema

    Estou tentando eliminar o acesso à área de notificações e configuração do android e não encontrei nenhuma documentação ou exemplo sobre isso. Tem os exemplos de kiosky, mas esses já estão ultrapassados e não funcionam nas novas versões do android. Se alguém possuir um código pronto e quiser...
  6. zavaree

    Android Question StatusBarColor Gradiant

    hello I Have this Function To Change My head Of My Activity But as Color And Its works Perfect Sub SetStatusBarColor(color As Int) Dim p As Phone If p.SdkVersion >= 21 Then Dim jo As JavaObject jo.InitializeContext Dim window As JavaObject =...
  7. Sandman

    iOS Question [SOLVED] Status bar automatically hidden when iPhone in landscape?

    I've started a new app (so very little code so far), and noticed something unexpected: When I have the iPhone in portrait mode, the status bar is visible - just as expected. When I turn the iPhone to landscape mode, the status bar disappears - not what I expected. I can toggle the status...
  8. Sandman

    iOS Question [SOLVED] How to set color of status bar?

    This is regarding me making my own navbar (see this thread for more info). Normally the status bar piggybacks on the color of the navigation bar. In my case I'm building my own navigation bar, which means I'm hiding the real one. And when I hide the real one, the status bar doesn't pick up the...
  9. Yunus ÖZ

    Android Question Change StatusColor from class

    I have a class file name funcs, and there is a code like this Public Sub statusBarColor(color As Int) If ph.SdkVersion >= 21 Then Dim jObj As JavaObject jObj.InitializeContext Dim window As JavaObject = jObj.RunMethodJO("getWindow", Null)...