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    Android Question Stop Location Tracking on app closing Hello, i read this post, and i noticed that the process will run for ever even if you close the app. I need to have the service running until i have the app opened (also in background) but i need to stop it when i...
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    Android Question Unfortunately application has stop

    Unfortunately application has stopped. I get this error on samsung tablet SM-T116NY Android Version : 4.4.4 Android security patch level 2017-08-01 I am using AppCompat lib ver 3.52 and #Extends: Error occured on all mode : debug,release Application...
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    Android Question Stop code flow and start debug

    In VB6 and VBA we can do this: If i = 1000 Then Stop End If and the normal code flow will stop if i = 1000 and we can step into debugging mode. Can we do this is B4A? RBS