streaming video player

  1. instahery

    Share My Creation Cartoon Mania TV

    It was created by me, using available components. ( Exoplayer etc..) Weaknesses are still difficult to monetize with Google Ads. thanks
  2. Sandman

    Wish Tutorial about how to make app with live video streams from the net

    In a recent thread it surfaced that we have two experts (*) in the forum when it comes to putting live video streams in apps: @Syd Wright and @drgottjr . (The working theory is that they are twins, separated at birth. The results of the DNA tests are not in yet, I'll update this post once they...
  3. mbayik

    iOS Question Streaming Video Player ??

    hi, i'm trying to get streaming videos with rtsp in b4i, i used VideoPlayer it didnt work. i already did in B4a with vlcb4a.Can anyone help about this. Thanks :)