string functions

  1. Daniel44

    Android Question String Functions for inovice number is not working as I expect[SOLVED]

    Hi all. I am working on a system in which I am generating a unique number for invoices. I know there are scripts for unique values but they do not work for me for an invoice. I need the invoice number to be easy to read. The following script when it gets to 10 adds a 0 to the right and it is not...
  2. LucaMs

    B4A Library [B4X][B4Xlib] lmVBStrFuncs

    UPDATE: V. 2.00 (please, read this post). B4XLib that provides 12 VB6/VBA string functions. Being a B4XLib, you can use it in B4A, B4J, B4i and is possible to read/modify the source code. I have decided to develop only those for which there are no analogues or identical in B4X. Remember...