1. R

    Android Question Problem with CustomListView with Structure as Value

    Hi. I am using a CustomListView (xCustomListView v1.64 from Erel) and when adding items the value does not behave well when it is a structure (Type). CustomListView1.Add(CreateItem(Line1, Line2, Line3), Structure1) It works perfect when the value is a number or a string, but when it is a...
  2. Alpandino

    B4R Question Can I use Structure in B4R?

    Hi, I know I can create new Type, but now I need also to create method/function for my type. This could simplify my job. I'd like to avoid writing a new lib for this, so I'd like to know if I can use the Structure syntax, more or less in this way: Public Structure Box Dim Length As...
  3. MarkusR

    Wish Access Fields in Type at Runtime

    hello, it seems missing if we have a type like this one Type Data(a As String,b As Int, c As Float) dim test as Data i like to have access this struct via name (and index) test.Field("a") = "abc" test.Field("b") = 123 something like foreach field in test log(field) next
  4. johnf2013

    Android Code Snippet Send structure from C++ to B4X in prefix mode

    I needed to send a structure from an STM32 running an Arduino core to an Android device using Async Streams in prefix mode over Bluetooth. This snippet should work with the 8 bitters too. Seems to work for me. Better programmers than me are sure to find holes in it so I am waiting to learn...