1. A

    iOS Question Function caller

    Hi all. Let's say we have a code like this private sub A dim abc as string ' Call a function abc=dosomething() end sub private sub B dim cde as string ' Call a function cde=dosomething() end sub private sub dosomething() as string dim CallerName as string '...
  2. nirmelamoud

    Android Question Return value from a sub with a call to Wait For

    Hi, I have a sub that use Wait For in order to call rest interface, I want to make it a sync call and return value, can I do that ? or do I have to use call chain at the end and call other function with the 'return' value
  3. Wyatteast

    Wish Log the name of Subs

    Hey! I did not find the answer to this question in the threads, so I will ask again I would like to be able to select N Subs(in the usual way, with a mouse click and a small highlight ball), which will then be automatically "logged" - their names and possibly also the values passed to them. As...
  4. M

    Android Question [B4XPages] CallSub of a Page from a Class

    Hi everyone, i'm using B4XPages on Android and i have this scenario: I've a class that handles http requests (let's call A) I've a B4XPage (let's call B) When the app is opened/resumed, a method of the A class is called, when it finishes his work it must call a Sub that is located in B (if it...
  5. M

    iOS Question UDP_PacketArrived fires only one time

    Hi, i already did a post on UDP, where Erel suggest me to do a simper project (i copied the one in the guide) but i doensn't work I send a packet when pressing a button, my server always respond with another packet saying "OK", the problem is that the sub "PacketArrived" fires only the first...
  6. M

    iOS Question Intercept Firebase Messages (iosalert) while in background to store a state

    Hi everyone, i'm struggling finding the best solution to implement the notifications in my iOS app. I have two FB topics, one for syncing informations between the app and my server. (this should be silent push notification, and happends only in foreground) the second FB topic, instead, is for...
  7. M

    Android Question AdMob Stop sending ads

    hi, i recently used admob. I created one Native ad, it started working some days ago. Today i created other two native ads, after that i stopped receving the ads, even the first one i created some days ago (the event doen't trigger..) It is normal? is an admob behaviour? Thanks!

    Android Question [Solved] Job with wait for into a class

    Hello, I have a lot of sub routines that execute some poststrings actions with an ASP API. So i have put the whole in a separate Code Module , like for example sending email directly via the API (its more simpler and lighter for the app) : Sub SendAnEmail(QSTT As String, QSMESS As String...
  9. D

    Android Question Call a sub in a class defined in starter service.

    Hi Guys Up to this point in B4A, I have always used the classic CallSubDelayed()/CallSub() as appropriate to call subs in Activities or Services. However, by mistake I called a sub (defined within a class) in the Starter service using the classic OOPs format Starter.objectName.subName - and it...

    Android Question Different Sub : order inside activity

    Hello, For a newbi, where could i found an explaination of the order of the different events inside an activity ? - order of the different Sub - Events launch by any script that i input inside them for ex: what i put inside Activity_Resume() like a doc, a tuto or a post i dont find it Thanks
  11. D

    Android Question Passing Types to a Sub

    How do I pass a Type to a sub. I want something like this pseudo code: Dim element 1 As Button Dim element 2 As Label Dim element 3 As Webview ---- DoSomething(element1, button, changeColor) DoSomething(element2, label, changeText) DoSomething(element3, webview, changeURL) ---- Sub...