1. B

    Android Question Item not available with google billing.

    Hi, im trying to learn how subscriptions work in B4A but running into an error. I am using the code example provided by Erel that can be found here and modified it to work with subscriptions. When hitting the Remove Ads button I get a message back stating "The item you requested is not...
  2. DavideTr94

    Android Question GooglePlayBilling - Change subscription type

    Good morning everyone, in my App there are 5 different types of subscription, each with different prices but all lasting one month. I should make a function that allows the user to upgrade a service by purchasing a different subscription: To go from "pui_cloud_lvl1" (1.99 €) to...
  3. Multiverse app

    Android Question On November 1, 2020, account hold and subscription restore will become mandatory What are the steps required for developers to be compliant?
  4. Jack Cole

    iOS Question Error getting receipt for in app subscription

    I'm trying to use this code to get the receipt for an IAP. The code was recommended by Erel. Dim no As NativeObject = Product Dim b() As Byte = no.NSDataToArray(no.GetField("transactionReceipt")) I am using it in the MyStore_PurchaseCompleted event. Product is of the Purchase type. I get...
  5. R

    Android Question inapp subscription

    I am trying to use inapp subscriptions in android in the following way: Primarely i want a one month payment system with automatic renewal, but with three different levels of credits: The first level for beginners, one intermediate level and on top of a flat rate without any credit control. Now...