1. Fr Simon Rundell

    B4J Question Jsch Synchronous FileDownload

    I have a project building an automatic backup downloading tool in B4J but have hit a major snag... The App contains a B4XTable with information about a download enabling a login to a given server and a path from which it pulls the latest (backup) file and saves it. To pull the given file, I...
  2. C

    Android Question Invoking multiple activities back-to-back w/o an event

    Newbie question. I modified the Two Activities example to see if I could learn how to call multiple activities without an event. I copied Activity2, modified it slightly and named it Activity3. I was able to call multiple activities by using the click event of multiple buttons. But how do you...
  3. C

    Android Question wait for Jobdone synchronous

    I am using the ZXing library to scan a barcode which returns in the zx1_scan_result () routine. I currently call a subroutine in my activity that displays the scan result in a text field. However, what I need to accomplish is to take the scantext value, launch an httpjob to do an SQL query and...