1. Alex Guerrero

    Android Question How to select an option in an AlertDialog with intent

    Hello everyone, lately when I want to share a file I get an alertdialog 'want to share with...' with two options, 'Cancel' and 'Ok', in some cases I require 'Cancel' and in others 'Ok', I don't want the user to choose it, therefore I want to handle it with an intent, I have tried several...
  2. ArminKh1993

    Android Question Use minSdkVersion in manifest for SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW permission

    hi how can i use this permission just for android 10 and up?Because of Google's sensitivity to sensitive permissions and because I have no problems with older Android without this permissions AddPermission(android.permission.SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW in other word i dont want to use or have this...