table class

  1. gezueb

    Android Question Table class / LoadTableFromCSV does not clear contents

    I want to use a table to show contents of CSV files found with the ContentChooser. The table is loaded and displayed correctly the first time. But if another file which has less rows than the previous one is picked, the trailing rows of the previous file are not removed. According to the...
  2. Eric McDonald

    Android Question Unselecting a row - Table

    I am using the Table Library. I know there have been many improvements with the B4XTable and Flexible table, however (so far) this has worked perfectly fine. In my program, I am essentially using an integer to keep track of removes/additions/selections in my Main class. When I remove from the...
  3. R

    Android Question warning #20 Table class

    I am using the Table class in the designer, added to a panel (Add View, CustomView, Table) I declare the class in Sub Globals(): Private TableX As Table This causes a warning in the IDE: View 'TableX' was added with the designer. You should not initialize it. (warning #20) This is not actually...