1. AKJammer

    Android Question TabStrip w/extentions - Tab Removal

    I'm transitioning a portion of my application from B4J over to B4A. Some users will be using a 7" android tablet to make entries into the database, but the entry screens that each user will see can be different. In addition, every half hour or so, a different user will be using the tablet...
  2. N

    Android Question [SOLVED]Try to use TabStripViewPagerExtendet?

    When I use SetTabLeft(tabstrip As TabStrip,left As Int,Position As Int) panel.Initialize("") Activity.AddView(panel,0,0,100%x,90%y) panel.LoadLayout("tabstrip") tabstrip1.LoadLayout("shengmu","page1") tabstrip1.LoadLayout("yunmu","page2")...
  3. Alexander Stolte

    B4A Class TabStripViewPagerExtendet

    This is the TabStripViewPagerExtendet Class for the TabStripViewPager and my first Class which I publish. The standard library does not offer much customizability and thats the reason why I did this class. The class has many settings and thanks to Erel for sharing methods with the JavaObjects...