1. bernardR

    Android Question [Solved] Bug in my application (on the same device) if I change only targetSDK

    Hello, I have an application no-google running on Android 10 with minSdkVersion=29 and targetSdkVersion=29. If I put targetSdkVersion = 30, it no longer works on the same Android 10 device. Why ? Is this an issue with AppCompat? Here are some details: B4A version=11.20 platform SDK=30 used...
  2. soyVB6

    Android Question More problems with this targetSdkVersion=30

    I am receiving this message on different devices after setting the targetSdkVersion = 30 and I don't know how to solve it since it works in some cell phones of the same brand and with the same api level and in others it does not. help
  3. soyVB6

    Android Question [RESOLVED]Problems with targetSdkVersion=30

    Friends some solution for this, in targetSdkVersion=29- shows the image in both controls, in targetSdkVersion=30 does not help File.Copy(File.DirAssets,"like.jpg",File.DirInternal,"like.jpg") Dim src As String = File.DirInternal & "/like.jpg" ImageView1.Bitmap = LoadBitmap(src, "")...