1. captain hawak

    Android Question problem load bitmap with byte() tcp

    hi i send image with c# server to b4a tcp client and after get error load bitmap error. this code very good work for udp just error in tcp from b4a i think problem for tcp b4a img = Image.FromFile(@"C:\Users\at\Pictures\download.jpeg"); ms = new MemoryStream()...
  2. N

    Android Question Client server application, tcp/ip vs http

    Hi this is a technical cuestion more than a specific cuestion of the language.. Í need to implement an application for android with connection to a server made in visual basic that it will also be implemented by me. The interechange of data between andoid app and server will be in xml format. I...
  3. R

    CLOSED - Port Windows Mobile/CE to Android

    We have a project to move from Windows Mobile/CE application to Android. The application is for managing inventory in a warehouse such as Inventory Query, Inventory Physical Counts, Moving Inventory from one location to another, and etc. Currently, the application is written in Visual Studio...