telegram bot

  1. peacemaker

    B4J Question several apps with the same jTelegramBot

    Hi, All If we need to send notification to users from a B4J app by Telegram - we need a bot app. We should collect chat_ids of each user. But if the project has several sections (maybe topics) - each user may need to be registered also in these several sections, separately. So, messages to each...
  2. Gandalf

    B4J Code Snippet How to send file using Telegram bot API with multipart/form-data

    I got it working finally. So, for sending files to Telegram bot without using curl, you need to do the following: 1. Download Erel's sample project of [B4X] Post multipart requests / file uploads with progress 2. Slightly modify it as shown below (pay attention to my comments in code): Private...
  3. P

    B4J Question jtelegrambot error

    Hello Everyone, I am facing an issue with jtelegrambot for the new users who have registered with telegram. A possible cause is the user-id of newly registered users are in 5 billion (5065327552) and it is probably declared as int. any solution to this is highly appreciated...