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  1. R

    Android Question Add a text to a txt file

    Hello everyone, i'm looking on the forum without success, of a method for add a single string to a txt file without read the file, add the line and recreate the entire file. The file is a simple txt where each line is composed by date.now+barcode and i need to add everytime the new string, but...
  2. Mashiane

    B4J Code Snippet Text File To List Variable

    Ola I'm working on some random data generator so I need to be processing some lists. After I downloaded a list of countries from the interweb, I needed a way to quickly convert this into a list variable for my B4J program. When a file is selected, its read into a list and the code generated as...
  3. Flavio SOuza

    Android Question Leave a text in motion?

    Is it possible to leave a text of a label in motion? Like the one <marquee>in the HTML?</marquee>
  4. A

    B4J Question Read text file into MySql table

    Hi Guys, Looking to have my app read the contents of a delimited text file and update a MySql table with that data. I have had a look around and was wondering if anyone had any examples or has done something similar they would like to share around best practices etc? Thanks

    Android Question Problem with accented words reading a .txt file

    Hello guys, I'm reading words from a .txt file to a list but some accented words are replaced by a "?". Is there something I have to do in order to preserve the original accented words? I read some threads about UTF8 conversion. Do I have to byte-convert each caracter or is there an option...